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How a Lipoma is Removed?

Dr. Kundhal will first confirm where your lipoma is on your body. Following this, the overlying skin of the lipoma will be frozen with a small needle and local anaesthetic to ensure your skin is numb. This is done to make you as comfortable as possible for the procedure.

Next, a small incision will be made over the lipoma. A lipoma is a deposit of fat. Dr. Kundhal will dissect it out to ensure it is fully removed. Generally, next your skin will be closed using an absorbable stitch that melts on its own and does not need to removed.  Special band-aids called steri strips will be placed directly over your incision which help support the skin closure. They typically stay on for 7-10 days.

All patients are provided a post-operative instruction sheet that details how to care for your wound. Usually, at 4 weeks you will meet with Dr. Kundhal for a follow-up visit.