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Minor Procedures

Dr. Kundhal performs a variety of minor procedures that are often done with local anaesthetic which involves injecting the overlying skin with local anaesthetic. Many of these procedures are not covered by OHIP if they are done for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Kundhal will have a discussion with you regarding this at time of your consultation.

Dr. Kundhal will clean the overlying skin with a disinfectant. Next the overlying skin will be frozen with an injection of local anaesthetic. This will ensure you are comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure is complete a dressing will be applied and instructions will be given to you on when to remove your dressing. Please see POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTION SHEET.

Common Minor Surgical Procedures


Endoscopy is a test where a fibre-optic camera is inserted in your intestinal tract for cancer screening purposes or to evaluate patients symptoms to arrive at a diagnosis.

This procedure is done by Dr. Kundhal at either William Osler Health System or at specially dedicated clinics that specialize in these procedures. The tests typically take 15-20 minutes to complete. The two procedures Dr. Kundhal performs are gastroscopy and colonoscopy.