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What is a colonoscopy?

It is a test that is performed to screen for colon cancer or to assess symptoms of your lower GI tract such as rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits, abdominal pain etc. These symptoms will be evaluated by Dr. Kundhal during your consultation to assess whether a colonoscopy is indicated.

You will receive sedation during your colonoscopy so that you are comfortable. Prior to your procedure you will have to consume a special drink that helps clean out your colon so that it is clean so that the entire colon can be evaluated during the procedues. PLEASES SEE COLONOSCOPY PREPATION INSTRUCTION SHEET.

One of the main reasons this test is done is to detect polyps which can turn to cancer over time and to diagnose colon cancer. Please find common questions answered below.

The Risk of colonoscopy

While colonoscopy is a safe procedure, there are risks that must be understood. The risks of colonoscopy include but are not limited to: (Note this is not meant to be a comprehensive list and is only for information purposes).

Dr. Kundhal will discuss these risks with you in person along with others. Please feel free to ask any questions to Dr. Kundhal in person.